Why a college application consultant?

The average caseload for high school counselors in the United States is between 250-500 students. The average high school counselor is able to spend approximately one hour total during junior year with a college applicant’s parents to discuss the highly selective college admissions process. That’s simply not enough time. Too many students. Too little time.

An independent college consultant is available around the clock and will spend hours with college applicants to brainstorm college admissions essays and help perfect them. Draft after draft. And that’s just the college admissions essays. There are so many other components of a student’s candidacy that high school counselors often don’t have the time or expertise to address. But a good college consultant does have the time to give a student individualized attention. And a good college consultant does have the expertise. From understanding the student as an individual to coming up with a school list, from reviewing the extra-curricular activities to helping refine compelling essays, a good consultant can provide students with personalized counseling that helps students stand out in the intensely competitive applicant pool at highly selective colleges.

For Example, Stanford turns down 80% applicants that are totally qualified to attend the school academically. When it comes to highly selective schools,  it is not about perfect SAT or GPA, it is about what is unique about you as a person? why it is a good fit between you and the school?  it is about a concise, coherent message in your application package. Few students have that conscious knowledge to make sure all components of application material are surrounding that key message.

According to a 2013 nationwide study conducted by marketing firm Lipman Hearne, is that at private four-year colleges, 22% of freshmen cited using a college counselor in the college admissions process. And 26% of high-achieving seniors cited using a college counselor. That’s roughly a quarter of all students attending these schools — and that was back in 2013. Each year, more and more students are turning to independent college counselors and consultants to improve their odds of acceptance. It’s a trend that’s been on the rise for years and it’s one that’s not flatlining anytime soon. 

Year after year, students who worked with Lehren Education during their college application season have experienced less stress, better planning, deeper self -reflection, and better results!

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