Our Team

Jenny Lehren

Founder & CEO

A specialist in American’s college application, Jenny’s passion is to help high schoolers focus on the self-searching process of college application, to get admitted by a fit college, in which they could search for life’s meaning and equip themselves for a future career.

A journalist and writer by training, a successful marketing executive, a researcher and educator, Jenny has helped many high schoolers achieve their dreams. Jenny  resides in Rochester Hills, Michigan. She graduated from Harvard Business School(MBA) and Fudan University in Shanghai, China ( MA in Journalism and BA in history).

During the past 8 years, Jenny has built up Lehren Education’s reputation on Compassion, Competency and Results. The firm has invested  zero marketing dollars and grow steadily by word-of-mouth from previous students and families. 


Sarah Song


Coach & College Planner 

As an expert in training teenagers mind-set habits, Sarah believes college application results should be natural fruits of an mindful and purposeful planned high school career. She takes delight in seeing her students’ mindsets grow from “I want to get in a big name school ” to “I am a person who knows more about myself and others, I have more sense of purpose of life”.

Sarah has ten years of experience in training, teaching and counseling for high school students, and eight years of project management experience in top management consulting companies in the United States. She graduated from Dartmouth College (MBA) and Fudan University (BA and MA in management)



Charlotte Bednarski

College Essay Coach

Charlotte Bednarski has a passion and talent in writing. As a trained college essay coach, she has been working for Lehren Education for many years. She works with students  from the brainstorming process all the way through to the final version. She also works with students to improve and perfect grammar, vocabulary, and essay flow. When working with students, she spends as much time as necessary to read and fully grasp the ideas of their essays. She enjoys getting to learn about each student she works with, and she works diligently to help them create the best essay possible. Charlotte  holds  a BA in International Studies from the University of Richmond and  is completing her Master’s in African Studies at Yale Univeristy. As a strong writer and outstanding scholar, Charlotte  was awarded  full merit- based scholarships for both her undergradaute and graduate studies.  

 Heidi Zhang

College application/ Essay Coach

Heidi obtained her BA from Binghamton University in Cognitive Psychology and Master of Education at University of Texas at Austin. Heidi is an expert in both English and Chinese language and has translated, authored and published several books. She has a passion for  education. A trained cognitive scientist and educator, she has a keen eye on initiating and facilitating students’ talents and passions. Having applied for colleges in the US herself, Heidi understands the key to a successful application is in living an interesting, kind and productive life. She instills this proactivity in her students. Heidi is committed in helping Lehren Education students in their college application & essay coaching.

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