Jenny Lehren

Founder & CEO

A specialist in American’s college application, Jenny’s passion is to help high schoolers focus on the self-searching process of college application, to get admitted by a fit college, in which they could search for life’s meaning and equip themselves for a future career.

A journalist and writer by training, a successful marketing executive, a researcher and educator, Jenny has helped many high schoolers achieve their dreams. Jenny  resides in Rochester Hills, Michigan. She graduated from Harvard Business School(MBA) and Fudan University in Shanghai, China ( MA in Journalism and BA in history).

During the past 8 years, Jenny has built up Lehren Education’s reputation on Compassion, Competency and Results. The firm has invested  zero marketing dollars and grow steadily by word-of-mouth from previous students and families. 


Julia W

Julia W.

Senior College planing & application consultant

Julia has more than 9 years’ experience as a private college planning and application consultant. She has helped students gain admission to a wide range of elite schools, including Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, and UPenn. Before working for Lehren Education, she worked as Director of College Guidance at a private high school in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, where she worked with 9th through 12th grade students, providing comprehensive guidance throughout the college admissions process, including individualized guidance on application essays, college lists, and admissions interviews.  

Julia graduated from Princeton University with a B.A. in French Literature and earned a master degree in government from University of Pennsylvania.  She  is a Princeton University alumni interviewer.

In addition to her work in admissions consulting, Julia is an accomplished harpist; she spent 8 years in The Juilliard School’s Pre-College Program and received a Certificate in Advanced Harp Performance from L’École Normale de Musique de Paris.

Julia has a passion for helping applicants identify and highlight their strengths, combined with her first-hand knowledge of elite schools’ admissions processes, results in a personalized, realistic approach to college guidance. Julia  approaches each client and the admissions process itself in a holistic way, treating college admission not as an end in itself but as an essential step in each student’s journey toward actualizing his or her personal potential and long-term goals.  



Nathaly C.

Senior College planing & application consultant


Nathaly has over 5 years of college counseling and teaching experience. She attended Yale University for her undergraduate study, where she received her BS in Cognitive Science and was an Education Studies Scholar. Nathaly knows firsthand what it takes to apply and become admitted to the most selective schools and she also knows the challenges many domestic and and international students face while applying for most selective colleges.



Nathaly grew up in Southern California, where she is based right now. She gives college counseling to  students around Orange County and beyond, motivating hundreds to pursue their dreams for top colleges.


At Yale, she focused  her studies on the Education Studies Program. She integrated Education and Cognitive Science, seeking to understand the best educational practices based on brain development. Outside of classes, Nathaly volunteered at a Self-Directed learning center in New Haven, teaching about cognitive science and linguistics. During her time at Yale, she also traveled extensively, teaching English in Israel and Shanghai, studying in Italy for two summers, and attending a study abroad exchange program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. 


Nathaly tutored and counseled over 200 students, helping them find programs and universities that were the best fit for their interests and personalities. She also helped students apply to schools in Canada and Europe.


Nathaly is a patient and compassionate counselor, but also an active and strategic counselor who challenges her students. She loves motivating and guiding her students to find a major and their best college fit, a place where they can grow and develop their emotional intelligence, talents, and potential. She has a personalized counseling approach for each student and always makes sure to motivate students and prioritize their needs. She has a talent for asking questions that help students find their story for their personal statements and helps students craft a beautifully written, honest, and vulnerable narrative of personal growth.


Nathaly is fluent in English and Spanish and has an intermediate level of Hebrew.




Sarah Song


Coach & College Planner 

As an expert in training teenagers mind-set habits, Sarah believes college application results should be natural fruits of an mindful and purposeful planned high school career. She takes delight in seeing her students’ mindsets grow from “I want to get in a big name school ” to “I am a person who knows more about myself and others, I have more sense of purpose of life”.

Sarah has ten years of experience in training, teaching and counseling for high school students, and eight years of project management experience in top management consulting companies in the United States. She graduated from Dartmouth College (MBA) and Fudan University (BA and MA in management)



Daphne Cheng

College Application Consultant

Daphne has been doing college application counseling for 8 years and helped hundreds students applying US and UK colleges. She is familiar with the process and always encourage her students to keep their curiosity. Under her guidance, students are willing to do more researches on colleges and find the best fit school. Daphne keeps an high service level and gained trust from students and families. She graduated from Beijing International Studies University (former known as Beijing No.2 Foreign Language University) and earned a bachelor degree in English. In addition to her work at Lehren Education, she is in the process of getting her Master degree in English from University of International Business and Economic.


Charlotte Bednarski

College Essay Coach

Charlotte Bednarski has a passion and talent in writing. As a trained college essay coach, she has been working for Lehren Education for many years. She works with students  from the brainstorming process all the way through to the final version. She also works with students to improve and perfect grammar, vocabulary, and essay flow. When working with students, she spends as much time as necessary to read and fully grasp the ideas of their essays. She enjoys getting to learn about each student she works with, and she works diligently to help them create the best essay possible. Charlotte  holds  a BA in International Studies from the University of Richmond and  is completing her Master’s in African Studies at Yale Univeristy. As a strong writer and outstanding scholar, Charlotte  was awarded  full merit- based scholarships for both her undergradaute and graduate studies.  


Clare Yan

Partner/college application consultant

Ms.Yan has  nearly 20 years’ experience in language training and college application. She founded two  international schools in Hanzhou, China and an non-profit educational exchange organization in Houston, Texas.  Clare has helped hundreds and thousands students get in the highly selective colleges in the United States. She resides in Houston, Texas and is fully committed to helping Lehren Education’s students for their college applications. Ms.Yan was trained in Rice University college application consulting course and is an active member of Texas College Application Association.


 Heidi Zhang

College application/ Essay Coach

Heidi obtained her BA from Binghamton University in Cognitive Psychology and Master of Education at University of Texas at Austin. Heidi is an expert in both English and Chinese language and has translated, authored and published several books. She has a passion for  education. A trained cognitive scientist and educator, she has a keen eye on initiating and facilitating students’ talents and passions. Having applied for colleges in the US herself, Heidi understands the key to a successful application is in living an interesting, kind and productive life. She instills this proactivity in her students. Heidi is committed in helping Lehren Education students in their college application & essay coaching.

Molly Zhang

Partner/ Application Consultant



Ms. Zhang has more than 10 years’ experience in college application consulting.  She has studied and worked in both Australia and Europe.  She was trained  at University Guide College in Harvard Summer School and  is an active member  of National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC);  Ms. Zhang’s   expertises are  in college application strategy,  school selection and application process. She helped hundreds of students applying highly selective schools in the United States.    Ms. Zhang  is the founder of a college application consulting firm in Wuhan, China, which forms a strategic partnership with Lehren Education LLC.



Cathy Zhao


Partner/ Application Consultant

Ms. Zhao has more than 10 years’ experience in college application consulting.  She graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and trained  at University Guide College in Harvard Summer School. She is an active member  of National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC);  Ms. Zhao ‘s expertise is in essay coaching. She helped hundreds of students in their self-reflection and essay writing to highlight the students unique characteristics.    Ms. Cathy is the founder of a  college application consulting firm in Wuhan, China, which forms a strategic partnership with Lehren Education LLC.

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