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Lehren Education provides professional consulting
services for students applying to America’s most selective colleges and universities. Service includes
college planning in the whole high school years, application project management, major and
school selections, application strategy, college essays, and interview training. Lehren Education is a member of
the Michigan Association of College Application Counseling (MACAC). 

Jenny Lehren & Team

Expertise you can count on

As an independent college application consultant, Jenny Lehren has helped students get into their dream schools by utilizing her expertise in college research, essay coaching, and adolescent motivation. A former journalist, writer, editor, and marketing communication specialist, Jenny enjoys the process of helping students to reflect on their identity, interest, and inspirations in the process of the college application and achieving a better understanding of themselves and the world. 

She lives in Rochester Hills, Michigan, focusing on providing professional counseling services for students applying for America’s  colleges and universities. Jenny Lehren holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, a BA in history and a Master in Journalism from Fudan University, Shanghai.

Lehren Education has been growing steadily with word-of mouth. Currently,  We have several Ivy-educated, experienced consultants to provid the  highest level of services you can count on. click here to view the bio of our consultants

What We Believe

As an boutique high-end consulting firm , our philosophy is “every student is an unique piece of art, not an product from an mass production educational assembly line”.

We believe that Success comes from a peace of mind of knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”

— Coach John Wooden

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The Difference of Lehren Education

“Pursuing and mastering the knowledge in a specific area, and be confident about it. Only take the cases that we are able to deliver. Never compromise the principles because of the constrains of money or time. Once we take the cases, we put all our efforts to work with the students for the best results and completely not calculating the time spent and the commercial side of the case. “

This Japanese craftsman spirit is the difference of Lehren Education.

Lehren education is positioned as a trust-based high-end college application consulting service. The purpose of the service is to help students explore their potential and realize them, to get into the most fit schools. We work with students to develop project time line, explore their acadmic interest and possible college major, come up with school list and implement plans.

Through multiple-year involvement, we develop a deep relationship with our students. Help them to experience a process of setting up goals, making efforts, adjusting goals and achieving goals, so as to cultivate their self-confidence and gain personal growth

Compassion, Competency and Results are what Lehren Education stands out for.

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