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We are a boutique consulting firm to help students to apply for selective colleges and universities in the US, UK and Canada. We are always looking for talents like you...

The Difference of Lehren Education

  • More attention to students:To ensure the quality of service, we limit consultant to student ration to 1:10. Compared with the 1:250 counselor to students ration in America’s public schools and 1:50 ration in the private schools, our students received up to 150 serviced hours a case instead of 1-5 hours in their college application process. 
  • “fit-based” school selection:  We don’t put undue weight on school prestige and ranking. We adopt a “fit-based” school list generation method to ensure students get into an educational environment that suits the individual needs.
  • Integrity  First:  We put integrity at the highest priority. We require both consultant and student sign honor code pledge  to promise they won’t comprise integrity in order to get into schools.
  • Essay Coaching: We won’t write the essays for the students. Our proprietary essay coaching process ensures our roles as   “Read and critique student-written essays for clarity of ideas and effective communication. Assisting them in developing their own thinking which allows them to write their own unique story. “
  • Mind-set Training: For 9th and 10th graders, our college-planning emphasizes mindset habit training. We offer curriculum to high schoolers to develop learning and communication habits that will benefit them in the long-run.
  • Career Planning: We care about students’ long-term career planning.
  • New Definition of Success: We encourage every student to do their best, build up their self-confidence, and resist the temptation to compare with others. We preach coach John Wooden’s definition of success: “Success comes from a peace of mind of knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming”


compensation:  paid by caseload 

employment type: part-time 

telecommuting okay 

A fast-growing, premier college application consulting firm is hiring college application consultants. This is a part-time, telecommuting job that is paid by the caseload.


Requirements are: 

1. experienced college application consultant with a track record. Independent private college application consultant, ex-admission officer, or ex-private high school counselor are all relevant experience.

2. Professionals ideally graduated from  Ivy leagues schools or Top 30 national research universities/ Top Liberal Arts Colleges

3. Strong in writing, major in Journalism, English, or other humanities majors preferred. If you are majoring in STEM, you must have demonstrated strength in writing, communication, and logic thinking skills

Job description: 

You will serve as a mentor for high school students, guiding them through the college planning and application process, including time management, generating a school list, advising on filling application forms, tutoring their college essays and etc.  This job will be trained and should be cultivated to a long-term relationship. (at least 3-4 years)



you will be paid by consulting caseload.


please email your resume to info@lehrenedu.com


Lehren Education is a boutique college application consulting firm. We work with high schoolers to apply for America’s selective colleges. Our service has extended to UK and Canada Schools as well as private high school and graduate schools applications.

We believe in personal attention. We take a limited amount of students to ensure service quality, the consultant to student ratio is capped at 1:10. Our consultants respond to students and parents inquires promptly. We are never too busy for our students!

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