College Planning

The College Planning program is for high school students in grades 9 through 11 and includes the following services

  • course selections for each semester, academic target of each course (GPA)
  • high school extra-curricular activities (EC)
  • exploring academic interests
  • mindfully and purposely focus on key academic subjects
  • plan for academic Awards
  • Planning for winter and summer breaks
  • Mind-set habits development

Our college planning put emphasizes on  cultivation of thinking patterns and good learning habits. Professional tutors help students learn how to manage time, how to deal with priorities, how to set up goals, make plans and achieve goals. How to communicate with others, say what others can understand and understand what others say, and so on. We encourage high school students to  enjoy the fun of learning, open the width and breadth of their thinking through extracurricular activities. Learn and improve inter-personal and problem solving skills and achieve personal growth. These qualities and abilities will not only make college applications less stressful and more predictable, but also benefit the future career.

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