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Not all students could afford or need a full-service, comprehensive consulting package. Some students are determined to DIY their college applications. If you belong to these two categories, we recommend you check out our cost-effective online courses.  

Our professional consultants utilize a similar methodology and approach to advise our students.  The difference is when enrolling our online courses, you are on your own. You learned the tips and rules, and you apply them by yourself. 

You can always reach out to our consultant when you have questions by scheduling a paid-session.  Otherwise, these courses are more like a text-book for you to teach you methods, without a coach to hold your hands for every step.

College Essays Workshop ($99)

The college essay is the most time- consuming component of a college application.  Although it is only one of the nine components, it is the most intimidating one for most students.

This online course analyzes the most common prompts, teaches you how to brainstorm ideas, how to write each draft, and how to write an impressive personal statement that showcases your positive characteristics.

Online College Essay

$ 99
  • Online course to help you in writing college essays
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