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Press Release

YouStrong Academy LLC

Equip Every Youth to Live an abundant Life with Purpose


YouStrong Academy (YSA) founded to provide a one-stop-solution to meet the educational needs of the families

JAN 8TH, 2021 – Three companies including Light 2 Path (L2P), Lehren Education LLC, and Premier Education Partners (PREP) today announced that they are forming a single entity, YouStrong Academy in order to provide an extensive education service to Chinese families, no matter where they are.

For too long, in pursuing the best educational experience, the whole-person development of youth is overlooked. Chinese families are looking for an education advisor who they can trust with their most precious treasure, their sons and daughters. YSA’s mission is to equip youth with characters and competencies so that they can faithfully steward the world. The core of YSA’s education model is 5Cs: conviction, community, character, calling, and competencies.

PREP was founded in 2014 to provide a distinct study abroad experience that includes homestay, community services, and outdoor adventure. Lehren Education was created in 2014 to provide premium college application services. L2P was established in 2017 to provide high-quality online English training as well as impactful camp experiences for cultural immersion. All three businesses have been running by leaders with extensive work experience in multinational companies and educated in the most prestigious universities in China and the USA.

What distinguishes YSA is its uncompromised focus on its mission, a team of experienced educators with professionalism and love, and a proven record of running three successful companies. The YSA founders envision a new world where every youth can choose their own path that can lead to their success and happiness, and most importantly, the fulfillment of their life purpose.

Going forward, YSA will integrate the three businesses under the same umbrella, develop a shared customer base and community, build a new education platform, and welcome other service providers to join our mission and become our partners.

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