See what other students and parents have said about Lehren Education

“There were several other students in my school who also got into my dream school. Among them, I was the one with the lowest testing scores.”

“I had a bad experience with a big agency when I applied to the private high school. When I applied for college, I was lucky enough to meet Ms.Jenny, who was totally different from my past experience. She provided very high-end and personalized service, I was not only admitted by all the universities I wanted to enter, but for the first time of my life, had a deeper thinking about the direction of my life.”

“Lehren Education does not smell a bit commercial. The counselor’s primary concern is the student’s personal growth. They never sell any additional services. Their major concern is not a quick win or ranking, they care about what school really fits the student.

“My child is stubborn and doesn’t listen to his parents very well. Since we hired Lehren education as our consultant, not only did my son’s application results exceed our expectations, but our relationship with our son also improved significantly “

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