Application & Essay Reviewing

If students have completed their application package or essays, and they would like an experienced college application consultant to give an professional review,  they could benefit from our application & essay reviewing service.

Our professional coach will provide a detailed feedback to students, so that they could either tweak their application form including the essays,  or make dramatic changes based on the result of the review.

Common App review
Let us help you navigate this confusing online form to get key pieces of information across to admissions officers. Students can complete the Common Application, the Universal College App (UCA), the Coalition App or any school-specific application for schools that opt to use their own, with a Senior Counselor via phone or online chat. Any questions students have before or during their completion of the application are answered in real time by a Senior Counselor. Our Senior Counselors are well-versed on the newest Common Application, the Universal College App (UCA), the Coalition App or school-specific college applications, and have substantial experience walking students (international and U.S.) through all the pages, tabs, and online response sections, and reviewing students’ entries before submission.


A comprehensive Application Form Review


Main Essay Review


Main essay with one school supplements
College Essay Review

College essays are not an writing assignment from high school English class. As an important part of your application package, college essays must catch the attention of admissions officers and illuminate students’ intellect, personality, and potential. Our Senior Counselors have years of experience guiding students in writing essays that make admissions officers take notice.

College essay review Includes:
A Lehren education essay coach will read the essay and provide a multi-faceted, detailed report with suggestions for improvement. The review will address theme, focus, flow, mechanics and other critical issues that matter to admissions officers.

Some essays may need only proofreading while others need to be coaxed from a blank page—your Senior Counselor will help with both and everything in between to create compelling essays.

Our counselors are accustomed to tutoring over the phone and reviewing drafts by email. They can work with students from anywhere in the world, at any time.

*This program must be used within 6 months from the date of purchase.

*This package can also be used for prep school essays which are very similar in content to college essays.

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