College Application

The application season for American  colleges generally begins in March of the 11th grade and lasts until the December or February of their 12th grade.

College application project includes:

  • Manage the entire application project, including timeline for standard tests and application schedule
  • Explore academic interest and decide the intended major or area of study
  • Fill in extra-curricular activities form. Presenting the main themes for EC activities to support the application theme
  • Based on school, student’s high school GPA and standard tests, considering students’ interests, passion and strength,
  • Preliminary selecting schools
  • Application themes and application strategies
  • Adjusting and confirming school list
  • Deciding early application (EA/ED) and regular application (RD) strategies
  • Completion and review of the common application form
  • Training and coaching of application essays
  • Review the entire application package
  • Advising recommenders and recommendation letter content guidance and communication
  • Interview coaching and mockup interview
  • Wait list and Deferral Strategy
  • Choice of the final admission school (multiple offers)

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